Thorough, complete, and informative. I left Dr. Patel's Cenegenics office knowing I made the righter choice

Dr. Abdalmajid K. - 37 - Oct 2011

I was very impressed with the thoroughness and with the professionalism of Dr. Patel & Jaime. I am excited to start my new journey!

Dr. Eric C. - 51 - Oct 2011

Professional and informative.

Dr. Robert J. - 43 - Oct 2011

Very thorough and detailed explanation of all the labs and data.

Dr. Joseph R. - 44 - Oct 2011

Extremely thorough, well planned, and well articulated. I have a much better understanding of what I need to do.

Dr. James H. - 58 - Oct 2011

The presentation was well done, easily understood and thorough.

Michael L. - 62 - Oct 2011

The staff was exceptional!

George F. - 67 - Oct 2011

Very impressive level of knowledge and professionalism.

Bill S. - 62 - Oct 2011

I am very excited and motivated by Dr. Patel and his staff.

Courtney G. - 47 - Oct 2011

Awesome experience. Being a health care provider, I realize the importance of the personal touch. Dr. Patel was sincere, caring, and spent a great deal of time answering my questions.

Dr. Leo B. - 57 - Oct 2011