Elite Health Evaluation

Mind. Body. Spirit.

To develop a successful age management plan, it is important for our physician to have an accurate picture of what is going on inside your mind and body. To that end, every test we do is selected so that we can customize recommendations to get you the best results. In fact, we spend as much time on results-oriented solutions as we do on finding the problems. Our philosophy of acquiring actionable data separates our program from the others. By addressing the whole human, our customized recommendations are able to help you achieve lasting results.

Getting to Know You

Once you schedule your exam with Dr. Bhavesh Patel, you will sent a thorough Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire, Neuro-Psychological Assessment, Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Assessment and BDI II Analysis form. A complete picture of your lifestyle and physical and mental health lets us give you the best care. It is most important that both are returned to our office well in advance of your evaluation for us to review.

Bloodwork Blueprint

Routine testing leads to routine diagnoses and routing care. At Cenegenics, we look beyond the routine with a panel of over 90 lab tests to find out not only what conditions you may have now, but what you’re at risk for in the future. Think of it as a hormonal and metabolic blueprint. For your convenience, we send a phlebotomist to your home or office to draw the labs in advance of your visit. Because of the specialized labs we order, processing takes about 2 weeks.

Elite Health Evaluation

Our evaluation process is highly personalized and can last up to seven hours. It is anything but dull. The day is composed of additional diagnostics and goal-oriented consultations. We only see 1 or 2 patients a day, so there is never a rush, allowing us to give you all the attention you need to make this a truly transformative experience.

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