Case Studies for Men

"I have energy all day long, I feel great, I don't have the lows that I had in the past."

Paul Thompson, MD 52

A busy and successful chief surgeon, Paul Thompson found himself worn out by both the needs of his career and home life. His days often required at least one nap and an early bedtime, and he found it difficult to keep pace with the active, athletic lifestyle of his wife. His life as a surgeon had exposed him to a health-care ideology of reactive, pharmaceutical-based medicine; when he arrived at Cenegenics® he discovered a much more proactive approach.

After going through the Cenegenics® program and altering his lifestyle and exercise habits to achieve better health, Paul has more energy than ever, and finds that he can go through long, active days both at work and with his wife without needing to slow down for rest. He was so impressed with his results, in fact, that he changed his own specialty to age management medicine and today works to help other people rediscover their own sense of well-being through Cenegenics®.

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