Case Studies for Men

"I've gotten to the point that I love to tell people how old I am...because they never believe it."

Pamela Nunley

Pamela Nunley was no stranger to exercise, having spent nearly 30 years of her life making use of gyms to maintain her health. Despite this responsible approach to her fitness, however, Pamela still found herself feeling lethargic and unfocused, and came to Cenegenics® looking for professional consultation on how to improve her overall sense of well-being.

When Pamela came in for her Executive Health Exam, she was impressed by how thorough the examination was…from the blood work to the family history, Cenegenics® investigated Pamela’s situation more deeply than she had ever received from her annual checkups. The nutrition counseling and balanced approach to hormone replacement therapy helped to revitalize her, and today she’s feeling better than ever in both her home and work life.

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