Case Studies for Men

"I feel great. I tease my trainer by saying 'Not bad for an old man,' and her comment is that the energy levels I display when I work out with her are better than most of her 30 year-olds."

Michael Sanders, DDS 60

Responding to his wife’s surprising 50th birthday wish that he get healthier, Michael Sanders came to Cenegenics® with an array of medical problems, including diabetes and hypertension, that had him regularly taking five different medications simply to manage his symptoms. After enrolling in Cenegenics® and determining the best health program for his situation, Michael began to shed weight and add muscle. He dramatically altered his lifestyle and diet, losing over 60 pounds and 8 inches from his waistline. His daily work energy increased, his sleep at night was more restful, he was able to exercise with the vigor of a man half his age, and his sex life greatly improved.

Today, all of Michael’s symptoms related to his medical conditions have become manageable or disappeared entirely, and he no longer has to take the medications…granting his wife’s wish that he will be alive and healthy for much longer than she had previously feared.

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