Case Studies for Men

"I went from worrying about becoming disabled to actually feeling better than I did in my 20s!"

Julia S. Binford, MD

A Cenegenics® patient who later became a Cenegenics® physician, Julia Binford suffered from chronic joint and muscle pain, a symptom of the condition fibromyalgia that afflicts nearly 5 million people worldwide. Her condition left her feeling depleted, and unable to enjoy either her career or her home life with her family. Over time, her symptoms worsened to the point that she feared she could become profoundly disabled.

Although other medical specialists had told her that her deteriorating health was simply a sad fact of fibromyalgia, a full examination by the doctors at Cenegenics® concluded that there were severe hormone deficiencies in her body as well that contributed to her constant pain. Julia began a regimen of nutritional supplements, hormone protocols, and strength-building exercise, along with a reconfigured, low-carb diet, to correct the problems she was experiencing. The results were startling: her strength and body composition became much healthier and the pain decreased. Her mental state, which had for so long been tied to her feelings of low energy and pain, developed a much brighter outlook. She can enjoy her life much more fully now, even with her condition.

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