Case Studies for Men

"Cenegenics® has really changed my saved my life."

Allen Peters, MD 66

Dr. Allen Peters had been led to believe that his low energy and lack of drive were simply signs of “getting old,” and the gradual decline of his previously active lifestyle had led him into a deep depression. When he entered the Cenegenics® program, he was hoping to regain at least some of the energy that had allowed him to participate in activities like skiing, biking, and running. As it turned out, Allen not only regained that energy, but found even enough energy to keep up with his 18-to-30 year old children.

At 63, Allen was suffering from high cholesterol, excess body weight, and an extremely depressed outlook on life. In the Cenegenics® program, he discovered that his hormones were at near-zero levels…a condition that his previous doctors had never even investigated. After undergoing hormone therapy and working with Cenegenics® doctors to change his lifestyle habits, Allen finds that he has the energy and fitness of a man half his age, and he expects to maintain that health for years to come.

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