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Hacked By Imam

Hacked by White HAt Hacker

Low levels of thiamine can affect your memory and energy. And you don't have to be starving to have less than optimal levels. Get B1 from a multivitamin and the right foods.

Did World War II Make us Fat?

Alternative hypotheses of why we get fat have been around for more than a century. Gary Taubes explores these other models and how we lost them.

Delivering a Better Patient Experience

Changing from within to deliver an excellent patient experience

Book Review: Epi-Paleo Rx by Dr. Jack Kruse

If you've been trying to understand your body, this book puts together a lot of missing links.

Choosing Your Daily Bread

Wheat or White? Or Multi-grain? Or No Bread? Making sense of all the options when it comes to choosing bread. Or not.

The B-Vitamins: What are they and Why are they important?

B-Vitamins are widely known, but poorly understood. But understanding B-Vitamins could change your life. Learn about all 8 of them today!

Google this: “Endocrine disrupt” – the toxins that are affecting your health

The modern-day human is exposed to hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of molecules that affect the hormonal levels and function of the body. When the hormones aren't working right, the body can't work right.

Using the Basal Body Temperature to see if you’re hypothyroid.

Subclinical hypothyroidism is significantly under-diagnosed, resulting in thousands of people living with low energy, lipid abnormalities and decreased mental function. The symptoms can be subtle, but this simple test will help you determine if you may have it.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency In Vegetarian Diets

Going Green – Fuel Efficiency for the Body

Healthy Saturated Fat – Forget the propaganda, it DOES exist


Flexibility is defined as the range of possible motion around a joint. Flexibility exercises help increase the length of connective tissues and muscles.

The Benefits of Exercise

There are three main exercise categories: resistance/weight training, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility.

Cenegenics Chicago

Cenegenics® offers proactive, preventive medical care, enhancing health rather than waiting for disease to appear.