Book Review: Epi-Paleo Rx by Dr. Jack Kruse

April 17, 2013 | by

Dr. Jack Kruse has just published his first book, Epi-Paleo Rx, which is an excellent compendium of knowledge. It covers a broad range of topics including epigenetics (describing the small genetic difference we all have between each other), osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and more. But instead of discussing medications to fix these problems, he delves into root causes that, often times, if corrected, can result in correction and reversal of these disease states. He also references other excellent work in the field and synthesizes a broad range of topics into something digestible and useful. Read my whole review at Amazon, and if inclined, buy the book!

I just reviewed: ‘Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health’ by Dr. Jack KruseĀ