Delivering a Better Patient Experience

April 20, 2013 | by

In 2006, the Walk-in-Care department of Dreyer Medical Group took a look at itself from the inside out to change whatever was necessary to truly change the patient experience.  With thousands of visits and wait times running into several hours, we knew that to serve our patients better we had to change the way we did things. We wanted to provide excellent care and an excellent patient experience.

Using lessons from The Disney Way and Good to Great, Charles Ireland, MD spearheaded the effort and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to help lead it. We did a Dream Retreat and examined everything about how we operated — and we dreamt about where we wanted to be. Seven years later, the results are stunning as seen in the video below. The techniques we started spread to other departments, and Dr. Ireland will soon be giving a talk to a large hospital system in Michigan. It’s great to see to how impactful this cultural change has become.